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Parent Mental Trainer Testimonials


"The Parent Mental Trainer Course provided great clarity as to how my husband and I can best support our child’s athletic talents and talent development.

"As our son transitioned from simple club participation to more competitive, elite levels of competition, we often struggled with how to effectively address inconsistent performances, the best way to interact with the coaches and how to provide optimal, positive support at home.

"Parent Mental Trainer helped us understand how our support needs to adapt to the changing environments in which our son trains and competes.

"Parent Mental Trainer taught that effective support included both parenting and mental skills and strategies that should be utilized both on and off the field.

"It is a constant resource for us as we strive to focus less on the outcome of one event, but embrace the development of other important aspects of being an athlete like character, emotional control, leadership and responsibility. Although talent development is crucial, we feel it is a combination of the afore-mentioned attributes that will produce an elite athlete.

"Because of Parent Mental Training, not only have the interactions we have within our family improved, but our conversations with coaches have been more productive and most importantly, the relationship between the athlete and coach has strengthened.

"Parent Mental Trainer has provided us a perspective by which we can find affirmation and words/strategies with which we can articulate and demonstrate the quality of support our child deserves and we want to provide."
Aaron & Debbie Roby.

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