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What's in the Parent Mental Trainer Course?

The Parent Mental Trainer course is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is made up of:

  • A required Core element that most parents will require 60-90 minutes to complete;
  • Additional modules referred to in the Core, but not required for certification;
  • An online discussion forum where parents can ask questions of other parents and of Mental Trainers® who are moderatoring the discussions;
  • An Admin area where each parent's PMT completion can be tracked by coaches or team managers.

The "Core" element of the course consists of:

  • A presentation of the big picture related to athletic talent development AND optimal child development.
  • The 4 stages that all athletes move through as they develop: 1) Learning fundamental skills; 2) Learning how to train; 3) Learning how to compete; 4)Learning how to win;
  • Details of how a parent might change his/her parenting depending on the above stage of their child;
  • List of the most common, and most difficult parental issues, with the most effective solutions for each;
  • Examples (using video and/or pictures) of the most common negative parental behaviors with corresponding ideal examples;
  • A tool that assesses "parent mental toughness"

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